Caney Valley School District

The Caney Valley Unified School District 436 has a fleet of 10 diesel buses and has been awarded $790,000 for the purchase of two electric school buses (ESBs) and charging equipment through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2022 Clean School Bus Rebate Program. MGL worked with the Caney Valley superintendent and the local utility Evergy to provide the most cost-effective solution for equipment procurement and charging strategy.   


The purpose of the Fleet Assessment with EVOPT was to assist Caney Valley with early deployment via route suitability assessment, illuminate lowest cost deployment plan through charging scenario analysis, clarify electric power needs with the fleet operator and the local utility Evergy, and provide a pathway to scale. Using operational and financial data inputs provided by the fleet, the analysis investigated the feasibility of electrifying the entire school bus fleet, from both the technical and financial standpoint. MGL performed a tariff analysis to optimize the charging schedule to avoid utility on-peak rates. 

You can learn more about Caney Valley Electric School Bus project and how MGL worked with the school district and the utility in this interview Electric Vehicle Fleets are Coming on Fast ( and in this webinar Evergy School Bus Webinar – YouTube 


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May 16, 2023