Fleet Electrification Simplified

EVOPT Controller

EVOPT Controller actively manages the charging process in real time, and ensures reliable operations, taking inputs from vehicles, chargers, on-site DERs and the utility.


EVOPT Controller

The premier Depot Management System to optimize your EV fleet operations.

Optimize Your Fleet Operations

Optimize your fleet and charging in real time with a flexible, technology-agnostic software-as-a-service solution that is compatible with every vehicle fleet.

Save Time, Energy, and Costs

Easy to use interface, ensures reliable operations, reduces energy and operating costs, provides real-time charging optimization, dynamic route rescheduling.

Electric vehicle fleets pose novel problems not seen in conventional fleet operations.

Daily operations of fleets used to only vary in miles traveled, arrival and departure times, and ultimately fuel and maintenance costs. The introduction of electric vehicles not only adds additional layers of nuances for these past considerations, but also generates new complexities for effective fleet management.

The EVOPT Controller is a complete depot management tool, built to handle both novel electrification challenges and conventional fleet considerations. The EVOPT Controller does this by continuously optimizing operations by processing real-time grid signals, facility operation details, distributed energy resource (DER) signals and vehicle operational data.

EVOPT Controller Centralizes All of Your EV Fleet Operations.

EVOPT Controller is a complete Depot Management System with the ability to dynamically reschedule routes, manage charging schedules, integrate DERs, dispatch vehicles, perform V2B /V2G operations, track analytics, forecast load, allocate lanes and chargers, and create an operating strategy.

EVOPT Controller Features

Some Features of EVOPT Controller

Operating Strategy and Planning

Develop an operating strategy that optimizes fleet operations based on your needs.


Be able to predict the future load from charging and plan energy dispatch accordingly.

Lane and Charger Allocation

Individually assign the lane and charger as each vehicle returns to the depot for charging.

Dynamic Re-Scheduling

Have the ability to dynamically re-schedule buses and routes based on vehicle battery state of charge and route demands.


Pre-heat and pre-cool the vehicle while on the charger to reduce energy requirements while on-route.

Charging Schedule

Develop a charging schedule that optimizes operations, reduces costs, and ensures reliability of operations.

DER Integration

Integrate onsite DERs to provide energy from renewable sources, enhance resiliency, and reduce operating costs.

Vehicle Dispatch

Assign vehicle to appropriate routes based on route-energy requirements and battery state of charge.


Utilize vehicle batteries to provide services to the grid and local utility.


Analyze and study fleet operations in real-time.

A Complete Depot Management System for Your EV Fleet

EVOPT Controller is fundamentally different from the current fleet management systems that can only follow a rule-based logic to avoid charging events during peak periods of utility rates. EVOPT Controller takes inputs in real-time from vehicles, chargers, on-site DERs and the utility and uses stochastic optimization to make sure the operational needs of the fleet are met, impact on the grid is minimized, and operational costs are minimized.

EVOPT eBus Depot Management System