EVopt Controller

Depot Management System

EVopt Controller optimizes the charging and vehicle dispatch process in real time to minimize costs while guaranteeing operations and preventing any overload to the grid. EVopt-Controller is a total depot management system complete with depot operation functionalities like route assignments, vehicle dispatch, dynamic rescheduling, and integrated DER controls. Its built-in operational planning module helps the operator to simulate any changes to the operating schedule (routes, timetable) and evaluate its impact before implementing the changes.

Functionalities and Features

EVopt helps model and analyze the fleet electrification system in a step-by-step manner. Its key functionalities include:

  • Operations planning
  • Charging schedule optimization
  • Vehicle dispatch
  • Dynamic re-scheduling
  • DER dispatch
  • Grid constraint management
  • V2B/V2G

Technology Underpinnings

EVopt-Controller optimizes the charging schedule in real-time to minimize operating costs while guaranteeing operations and honoring other operational constraints. The mathematical optimization algorithm considers operating schedules (arrival and departure times of individual vehicles), route energy requirements (arrival/departure battery state of charge), feeder capacity limits and availability of DERs.

More than a Charge Management System

EVopt Controller is much more than a charge management system. It is a comprehensive-Depot Management System integrating vehicle assignments, fleet dispatch, charging management, and grid constraint management.