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Fleet electrification transition planning specific to your fleet. Complete analysis you can be confident in.

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EVOPT Planner

Take the uncertainty out of fleet electrification. Try EVOPT Lite for free and explore the possibilities.

Fleet Electrification Planning

Correctly calculate route energy requirements, vehicle battery size, charging and energy infrastructure size before expensive investments are made.

Financial Analysis

Easily compare the total cost of ownership, NPV, IRR, and cost per mile of an electric vehicle to the internal combustion engine equivalent with EVOPT’s simulation software.

Planning is the first crucial step in fleet electrification

EVOPT Planner takes a systematic approach to transitioning to an electric fleet, optimizing the design of the fleet electrification system by deriving the right balance of bus characteristics (battery size, motor size, etc.), charging infrastructure capacity, and charging strategy, which allows the project to meet its goals at the lowest possible cost.

Decisions made during the planning stage will have the highest impact on system performance.

Fleet electrification is challenging—but it doesn’t have to be.

Due to the multi-faceted nature of the problem and the interdependence of many variables, fleet electrification projects are difficult to plan. For example, batteries constitute a large share of the cost of the vehicle and their size can vary widely depending on routes, terrain, operational characteristics, weather conditions and the charging strategy. Charging infrastructure, in turn, depends on the battery size, charging strategy, operating schedule and queuing strategy.

Depending on the size of your fleet and where its located, things can start to get complex, not to mention expensive.

Built to support fleets of all sizes.

EVOPT is ideal for planning electrification projects for commercial fleets of all sizes and vehicle types. The solution takes into account costs, battery size, operational requirements (range and schedule), and any limitations with your existing electrical infrastructure.

Evaluate different strategies for efficiently and cost-effectively electrifying your fleet!

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Route Analysis

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Battery Sizing

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Charger Infrastructure Sizing

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Energy Infrastructure Sizing

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Financial Modeling

EVOPT Planner Optimizes the Fleet to Reduce Costs and Ensure Reliability.

Smart integration of Controlled Charging along with onsite Solar PV-based renewable generation and battery storage (DER) allows the fleet to Optimize Performance and provide lower cost during day-to-day operations.

EVOPT Fleet Operations Process

Controlled Charging

EVOPT Solutions

The EVOPT software is built for fleets of all sizes. EVOPT (Lite) is now available with more advanced versions scheduled for release in the coming months.



Single Route Analysis

Predefined Duty Cycles

Single Port Chargers

Destination (Depot) Charging



  • Route Energy Analysis
  • Battery Sizing
  • Charger Sizing




Custom Duty Cycles

SOC Calculations




  • All Lite Modules
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Driving Process Simulator
  • Charging Process Simulator




Batchwise Multi-Route Analysis

Multi-Port Chargers

Controlled/Managed Charging

Vehicle Swapping

Flexible Route Assignments

  • All Basic Modules
  • Operations Planning
  • Detailed Battery Modeling



EVOPT Advanced

System Optimization

Smart Charging

Multiple Charging Strategies

Spare Bus Analysis

And More…

  • All Advanced Modules
  • Optimizer
  • Operations Simulator
  • Microgrid Planner

Fleet Electrification Consulting

Microgrid Labs has been providing consulting services since 2014 and has worked on numerous fleet electrification projects ranging in size from 15 to 100+ vehicles. When the extra analysis and expertise are needed, Microgrid Labs is happy to set up a consultation and hear your needs for each of your projects.

Decisions made during the planning stage will have the highest impact on system performance.

Take the Hassle Out of Fleet Electrification

EVOPT Planner takes the uncertainty out of fleet electrification projects by calculating the route energy requirements, correctly sizing vehicle batteries, charging infrastructure, and energy infrastructure, and then doing detailed financial modeling.

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