Fleet Electrification Project:

King County Metro (KCM)

Transit System Electrification Planning 

Client: King County Metro (KCM), Parametrix
Location: Seattle, WA

Microgrid Labs is working with Parametrix Inc., to provide services to King County Metro in Seattle, WA, for the agency’s transit system electrification plan.

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Metro operates the seventh largest fleet in the United States, consisting of nearly 1,500 diesel-hybrid, battery electric, and trolley buses. The agency plans to have a zero-emission fleet no later than 2040. As part of this year-long project, Microgrid labs is using the EVOPT Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to develop a bus battery service model for the entire King County Metro fleet. The goal of the modeling effort is to identify routes that can be served by electric buses, to ​identify energy requirements and to optimize charging scenarios using both depot and on-route layover opportunity charging to minimize energy usage and costs. The modeling services provided by Microgrid Labs will assist Metro with the decision-making process as they simultaneously expand and electrify their bus network over the next decade.