EVOPT Used to Help Rwanda Government Officials Complete Fleet Electrification Training

Electric Bus System Modelling and Optimization: – Training of Trainers (ToT) 

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) along with Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority, Ministry of Infrastructure and The City of Kigali is organizing Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop, aims to introduce bus operators and inter-city transport companies alike with the tools and training needed to plan for and strategize their operations to enable the transition to electric buses. 

As part of the Stakeholder Coordination Framework for Promotion of E-mobility in City of Kigali, the event conveners aim to extend skills developed by the national government in electric bus system modelling and optimization to the technical staff persons and operations units within the bus companies responsible for public transport in the City of Kigali.

The event is designed to engage bus operators in the City of Kigali and companies operating on inter-city bus routes in the adoption and phased transition to electric buses. The workshop will also provide an introduction to the electric bus system modelling and optimization using EVOPT, and provide participants with an understanding of the data that are required to impute into the software.

Microgrid Labs will train the attendees on how to use EVOPT to support electrifying their fleets. The key knowledge and outputs from EVOPT are the daily energy required for a bus to operate on a route, the minimum bus battery size needed to operate on the route, charging infrastructure sizing, energy infrastructure sizing, and a complete financial analysis.

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