EVOPT Planner Lite Now Available

March 2021Microgrid Labs (MGL) is excited to announce the release of EVOPT Planner Lite – your first stop for fleet electrification planning!

EVOPT helps you jointly model the transportation and energy processes (i.e., the driving and charging processes). Over the last year, MGL has been tirelessly working to bring you the premier fleet electrification planning tool and with EVOPT Planner Lite you have the availability to:

  • Run a Route Energy Analysis to get daily energy demand for your EV based on specific duty cycles, route characteristics, vehicle characteristics, and location-based HVAC loads.
  • Run a Battery Sizer to estimate the minimum battery size needed for your vehicle based on the route characteristics, daily energy demand, and battery characteristics.
  • Run a Charger Sizer based on the number of vehicles, daily energy consumption, average battery capacity, and charging strategy. The results provide the load profile graph, charger ratings, number of chargers required, average charging time, total daily energy demand, maximum power demand, and transformer capacity.
  • Run a Feasibility Analysis that compares the total cost of ownership, maintenance costs, investment costs, fuel costs, and emissions of your electric vehicle to the internal combustion engine equivalent.

MGL invites you to try out EVOPT Planner Lite for free and support your ongoing projects.

Stay tuned for the release of EVOPT Planner Basic, Advanced, and Pro, which will incorporate expanded features and increased capability!

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