EVopt Planner Beta Launch

MGL release the beta version of EVOPT Planner.
MGL is proud to announce that EVOPT Planner Beta has been launched! This most recent version of EVOPT provides updates and improvements to EVOPT Lite that was released in 2021. A software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform specifically designed for fleet transition planning and optimization of vehicle deployments, EVOPT, incorporates algorithms for route energy analysis, vehicle battery and charging infrastructure sizing, charging scenario simulation, financial modeling, and emission reduction calculations.

The unique feature of EVOPT is the rigorous energy modeling algorithm that is embedded into the platform to accurately extract the real-world energy needs of an electric vehicle, which is important in cold and hot weather when the battery range can decrease up to 40% below the nominal values. These algorithms have been independently verified against real-world fleets in operation to confirm accuracy +/-2%[1], and incorporate the effects of vehicle mileage, average payload, terrain gradient, and temperature based on 30 years of historical climate data. The resulting route energy estimates includes two major elements: traction energy (required to move the vehicle); heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, or HVAC (required to heat or cool the vehicle cabin). The calculated energy values are then used to perform the vehicle battery charging equipment right-sizing assessment, extract the daily energy needs at the charging location, and inform the financial and emission reduction analyses.

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