Fleet Electrification Project:

Telelbit SPA

Telebit SPA – Transit System Electrification Planning

Client: Telebit SPA, BYD Europe
Location: Milan, Italy 

Microgrid Labs supported Telebit SPA and BYD Europe to provide planning and design services for bus electrification.

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Telebit is an Italian e-mobility general contractor providing a range of products and services for designing and managing EV charging stations, especially high-power charging units with MV-LV transformer substations, storage, and photovoltaic systems.

Microgrid Labs supported Telebit SPA and BYD Europe with transition planning and system design for one of their bus electrifications projects. The project covered 3 depots of 275 buses and included both depot and on-route charging. MGL used their EVopt Software for detailed mathematical modeling, simulation and optimization. The goal of the modeling effort is to identify routes that can be served by electric buses, to ​identify energy requirements, to optimize charging scenarios using both depot and on-route layover opportunity charging, optimize charging schedule to minimize peak load and to integrate battery energy storage to manage utility feeder constraints. The modeling services provided by Microgrid Labs helped Telebit SPA and BYD Europe to submit a comprehensive proposal to the transit agency.