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Electrify Your Fleet with EVOPT.

EVOPT is an intelligent planning and operations software package that makes it easy for fleet operators to electrify their vehicles and manage the EV charging process.

MGL on Faculty for Rwanda Fleet Transition Planning

EVOPT Planner
Assess will be Available in 2023!

From EV route suitability to charging system composition planning and electricity load control, the EVOPT software-as-a-service platform guides fleet operators and their team through a plan, procure, build, and operate decision process.

EVOPT Supports EPRI and Ameren

EVOPT Used to Create Zero-Emission Fleet Transition Plans for FTA Grants

EVOPT has been used to create zero-emission fleet transition plans that win FTA grants and are completed in a fraction of the time and cost.

EVOPT Lite Now Available

EVOPT Planner Lite Now Available. Try it for Free.

Start your fleet electrification project with a free demo of our EVOPT Planner Lite software.

EVOPT at APTA Conference

Find EVOPT at APTA's 2023 TRANSform Conference and Expo

Meet the EVOPT team and check out our latest developments from October 8-11 at APTA's TRANSform Expo in Orlando, FL! We will be at booth #4365

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Making the Right Decisions
through modeling and optimization.

Planning is the first crucial step in fleet electrification as decisions made in this stage could have the highest impact on system performance. These include decisions on charging strategy, vehicle battery size, charging infrastructure, energy infrastructure, and operating schedules, all of which are highly interdependent.

The EVOPT solution exists to balance these considerations, helping you to efficiently and cost-effectively electrify your fleet.

EVOPT Planner and Controller

Fleet Electrification Solutions

The EVOPT software package consists of two components—EVOPT Controller and EVOPT Planner. Learn more about each of our fleet electrification solutions below:

Fleet Electrification Planning Tool

EVOPT Planner

EVOPT Planner takes a systematic approach to transitioning to an electric fleet by optimizing the design of the fleet electrification system.

Fleet Operations Management Tool

EVOPT Controller

EVOPT Controller actively manages the charging process in real-time to provide a complete depot management system.


EVOPT is a software platform for modeling, simulation, and optimization of fleet electrification systems for fleets of all sizes.

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Minimize Cost

Optimize charging schedule and size of vehicle battery, charging infrastructure and energy infrastructure (including onsite solar PV and battery storage).

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Guarantee Operations

Validate the design through end to end simulation of the driving and charging process and through “what if” analysis for custom scenarios.

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Mitigate Risks

Assess the impact of variability in input data, future changes to routes, schedules, and emergency events like power outages and charger breakdowns.

What Our Customers Say

EVOPT is designed to support transit agencies, fleet operators, and consultants in planning their electrification projects. Read what a few of our users have to say about the software.

“We had been searching for a data analytics tool for transit fleet electrification and ended our search when we found EVOPT. EVOPT software has the potential to address a crucial, previously unmet need in bus fleet electrification.”

– Fleet Operator (USA)

“Microgrid Labs is fulfilling a big market need by offering a turnkey solution to electric fleet infrastructure planning. I would highly recommend any fleet operator to engage MGL for all their electrification planning needs.”

– Fleet Electrification Consultant (USA)

Fleet Electrification:
Planning and Simulation Course

This one month course is uniquely designed by Microgrid Labs and GT Academy to help you master electric fleet system planning and operations with the help of real examples and case studies. Learn from our experts in the US and the Indian market. 

A Few of Our Partners

EVOPT is developed by Microgrid Labs, a US-based small business working in the field of microgrids, energy storage, and electric vehicles with the support of the University of California, Berkeley, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) under a National Science Foundation award.

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