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Electric Fleet Planning Simplified

Get data driven insights about routes, vehicles, charging, and financials that support the operational mission of your fleet. EVopt is used by fleet operators and engineering firms to create cost effective electrification plans and confidence in each.

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EVopt Planner
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From EV route suitability to charging system composition planning and electricity load control, the EVopt software-as-a-service platform guides fleet operators and their team through a plan, procure, build, and operate decision process.

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Why EVopt?

Due to the multi-faceted nature of the problem and the interdependence of many variables, fleet electrification projects are difficult to plan. For example, batteries constitute a large share of vehicle cost and its size varies depending on routes, terrain, operational characteristics, weather conditions and charging strategy. The size, type, and cost of the charging infrastructure depend on battery size, charging strategy, operating schedule and queuing strategy.

Additionally, the unpredictability and variability of parameters such as arrival/departure times, route-specific energy usage, etc. pose additional challenges. The challenge is sifting through this complexity and determining the optimal solution that minimizes investments, reduces total cost of ownership, meets operational requirements, minimizes risks, and eliminates any adverse impacts on the electrical network.

In order to meet all of the requirements, it is required to jointly model the transportation system and energy (driving/charging) process, quantifying electrical demand, assessing impact on the electrical distribution network, optimizing the system, and validating the design through end-to-end simulations. Microgrid Labs has developed the EVopt software platform for this exact purpose.

Fleet Electrification Complexity

Fleet Electrification Solutions

The EVopt software package consists of two components—EVopt Controller and EVOPT Planner. We also offer consulting services. Learn more about each of our fleet electrification solutions below:

Fleet Electrification Planning Tool

EVopt Planner

EVopt Planner takes a systematic approach to transitioning to an electric fleet by optimizing the design of the fleet electrification system. Use EVopt directly, or rely on MGL ‘s advisory service for a Fleet Assessment.

Consulting Services

Microgrid Labs Consulting

Microgrid Labs extends the power of EVopt into consulting services about energy system design and resilience.

What Our Customers Say

“We had been searching for a data analytics tool for transit fleet electrification and ended our search when we found EVopt. EVopt software has the potential to address a crucial, previously unmet need in bus fleet electrification.”

– Fleet Operator (USA)

“Microgrid Labs is fulfilling a big market need by offering a turnkey solution to electric fleet infrastructure planning. I would highly recommend any fleet operator to engage MGL for all their electrification planning needs.”

– Fleet Electrification Consultant (USA)

A Few of Our Partners

EVopt is developed by Microgrid Labs, a US-based small business working in the field of microgrids, energy storage, and electric vehicles with the support of the University of California, Berkeley, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) under a National Science Foundation award.

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