Electric fleet planning simplified

Gain data-driven insights into battery sizes and charging strategies required to meet the fleet’s operating schedule in a matter of minutes using EVopt—an advanced cloud-based deep energy modeling application. Run multiple scenarios at various locations to continuously refine and update plans throughout the fleet transition lifecycle.

Mitigate Risks

Confirm battery sizes and charger power required for the operating environment.

Minimize Cost

Right-size vehicles and charging system to reduce capital cast and speed up time to instalation.

Guarantee Operations

Validate system design before construction and deployments.

Why EVopt?

Electrifying fleets is challenging at each stage of planning, designing, deploying, and operating. An accessible modeling tool answers critical questions about what to buy and where to deploy, giving planners confidence in their decisions, and providing scenario-based analysis as fleet services change and equipment capabilities evolve.

A fleet-as-system approach is necessary to capture routes, vehicle types, energy consumed, seasonal variation, electricity delivery, and service changes.  EVopt embodies all the characteristics of individual fleets and local environments in a digital twin model, allowing users to to ask what/if in minutes,  and test drive the current and future fleet at every stage of transition.

EVopt Application Suite

EVopt Planner: models fleet operations and charging to optimize the system design, clarify trade-offs, and guide procurement decisions.

EVopt Simulator: simulates the future electric fleet to generate confidence in the plan before deployment decisions are made.

EVopt Controller: actively manages the operation in real-time and optimizes charging and vehicle dispatch process.

How We Help

EVopt streamlines fleet electrification planning, design, deployment and operation in a cloud-based modelling and simulation platform, offering scenario planning for each stage of fleet electrification.




Depot Charging

Standard Duty Cycle

Route Feasibility

Battery/Charger Sizing

Replacement Ratio

Load Profile


Rollout Plan




EVopt Plan+

Custom Duty Cycle

On-Route Charging

Charger Sharing


DER Sizing

Deployment Plan

Operations Simulation




System Size Validation

Route Feasibility

Operations Simulation

Load Profile

Validate Performance




Operations Planning

Charge Management

Manage/Smart Charging


Vehicle Route Assignment

Dynamic Re-scheduling

Performance Optimization

DER Controls

Our Customers

What They Say

“We had been searching for a data analytics tool for transit fleet electrification and ended our search when we found EVopt. EVopt software has the potential to address a crucial, previously unmet need in bus fleet electrification.”

- Fleet Operator (USA)

“Microgrid Labs is fulfilling a big market need by offering a turnkey solution to electric fleet infrastructure planning. I would highly recommend any fleet operator to engage MGL for all their electrification planning needs.”

- Fleet Electrification Consultant (USA)