Why EVopt?

Fleet Electrification is Capital Intensive and Complex

Fleet electrification is complex as several factors influence its design, cost, and performance. This is compounded by high levels of variability and unpredictability of mobility data. Electric vehicles also impose significant additional load on the local electrical network, often entailing significant upgrades to the electrical infrastructure at the facility and the utility grid.

EVopt System Approach

EVopt addresses the challenges in transitioning to electric fleets through a system level approach by joint modelling of transportation and energy.

  • EVopt models the driving and charging process to determine the optimum size of the electric fleet – vehicle battery, charging and energy infrastructure.
  • The model considers routes, operating schedule, battery characteristics, charging and vehicle dispatch strategy and utility grid constraints.

EVopt Application Suite – Planner, Simulator and Controller

EVopt is a modeling, simulation, and optimization platform to minimize costs, guarantee operations, and mitigate risks while transitioning to electric fleets.

EVopt Solutions

The EVopt software is built for fleets of all sizes. EVopt Basic is now available with more advanced versions scheduled for release in the coming months.




Route Energy Analysis

Block Feasibility

Battery, Fleet and Charger Sizing

Load Profile


TCO Analysis

Rollout Plan

Charging Stategy – Depot Charging




EVopt Plan+

Custom Duty Cycles

Charger Sharing


DER Integration

Operations Simulation

Charging Strategy

Depot and On-Route Charging




System Validation

Deployment Plan

Operations Simulation

Load Profile




Operations Planning

Charge Management

Manage/Smart Charging


Vehicle Route Assignment

Dynamic Re-scheduling

DER Controls